2012 Video Scholarship Winner!

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What is a Video Essay? | What is the Video Scholarship? | Nominate a Small Business!

What is a Video Essay?

A video essay is, in simplest terms, a promotional video intended for use on the web. It's a window into a business, more than what the products are. They are 2-3 minutes in length and feature an intimate interview with the business owner, polished photos of the finished products, and candid footage of business owners doing what they love to do.

What is the Video Scholarship?

I have a baby business myself, and have had many helping hands along the way. I'm giving away one video essay a year, for free, to a new business. I'm doing this because it feels good to give back and I want to encourage others to do so as well.

Who is eligible?

Anyone is eligible with a business in operation three years or less, either run by a single individual or a partnership. You may have up to one employee. I'm looking for passionate entrepreneurs that are just getting started and are eager to support other creative business owners. You do not need to be located in Southern California to be eligible. You may submit an entry for another business owner who meets all these criteria and I encourage you to do so in support of other new businesses you feel are of merit.

How do I enter?

Entries for the 2012 Video Scholarship are closed. The 2013 Video Scholarship will open for submissions in June, 2013.

How do we proceed if I win?
As of right now, I will contact you and we will work out a time that fits both of our schedules. The winner will receive the finished essay by June 1, 2013, provided both schedules permit so. If we are unable to schedule the video essay by February 1, 2013, another winner will be chosen. The finished video will include an interview, still photos, music, sound editing and color correction. As of right now, travel expenses will be paid by the winner, but I am working towards raising the cost of that expense. More on that later!